Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Double Chocolate Cake

I was cleaning out some photos, and I found some from a really delicious cake I made. This was for my 1 year anniversary at Adobe (woohoo!). After making red velvet cakes and cupcakes, I decided to go with something much more typical, so I looked for a particularly sinful recipe, which I found from epicurious: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/DOUBLE-CHOCOLATE-LAYER-CAKE-101275

Here are all the ingredients in the recipe. I stole some coffee from work that day since I'm way too lazy to make my own. One thing I did find out when I made this was just how expensive the ingredients are, especially the chocolate.

Here are the two layers after baking. The recipe called for 10 inch pans, but unfortunately, all I have are 9 inch pans. These puppies barely fit and one spilled over just a teensy bit. I haven't made many layer cakes, but I've found they never come out perfectly circular and the top is always bigger than the bottom, so I end up doing some trimming (and still have a somewhat lopsided cake).

Unfortunately, this is where the photos stop. The end result was amazing. I recommend refrigerating the icing before trying to ice the cake because mien end up dripping a little bit. It still covered everything and stayed put, but there ended up being some extra goop down at the bottom.

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